Monday, June 7, 2010

Kona Coffee Tiki Drink: Kona Coffee, a Trader Vic Recipe.

Tiki Recipes: This is a very simple tiki cocktail recipe using Trader Vic's Kona Coffee.
This mixed drink is one of the first i tried after the release of the Kona Coffee.
It's just a easy drink to make. A great morning cocktail for the tiki lounge.
The caffeine is a nice little wake me up.

Kona Coffee Recipe
• 2 oz Kona Coffee
• 3 oz Dark Coffee (Hot)

Mixing Instructions:
Brew coffee so it is warm.
Blend in a tiki mug of your choice.
You can also use a irish coffee mug.

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Tiki drink recipes presents Trader Vic's Kona Coffee recipe. A simple recipe that works great as a morning cocktail. A excellent coffee cocktail.