Thursday, June 24, 2010

New School Tiki Cocktail Drinks: The Ancient Mariner Recipe, a wonder blend of rums and fruit juices.

Tiki Recipes: How to make the tiki drink cocktail called the Ancient Mariner.

Jeff Berry is credited for inventing this wonderful tiki cocktail drink.

The Ancient Mariner Recipe:
• 1 ounce Demerara Rum
• 1 ounce Dark Jamaican Rum
• .75 ounce Lime Juice
• .5 ounce Grapefruit Juice
• .5 ounce Simple Syrup (bar syrup, sugar water)
• .25 ounce Pimento Dram

Shake the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker until cold and frosty. Then strain over cracked or crushed ice into a double old-fashioned glass. Garnish this cocktail with a lime wedge and a mint sprig.

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Tiki drink recipes presents the ancient mariner drink recipe, a tiki cocktail by jeff berry. A great rum recipe to try at the tiki bar or tiki lounge today.