Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mai-Kai’s Black Magic

Secret Tiki Drink Recipes: How to make the famous Mai-Kai’s Black Magic cocktail drink with ingredients and instructions.  Two versions of the popular cocktail drink are included in this article.

This drink is a lot of peoples favorite cocktail at the Mai-Kai and is very popular. With Halloween coming, we thought this would make a great Halloween cocktail.

The Mai-Kai is a temple of the tropical drink and tiki culture. There drinks date back to the glory days of tiki culture. Truly a mecca for the tiki cocktail drink fan.

_____________________________________________ (Black Magic Recipe One)

This recipe is from the Mai Kai recipe book:
(Chip and Andy, June 26 2010)

Black Magic Recipe:
3/4 oz lime, oj, grapefruit, honey
1/4 Don's #7 (See Note)
1 1/2 coffee (nice and black)
1 1/2 Kohala Bay Gold
1 1/2 Dark Rum
3 dashes bitters
3 dashes pimento liqueur

Note: Don's #7 might be coffee liqueur, brandy or cinnamon (or combination)

Cocktail Mixing Instructions
Shake in a cocktail shaker until cold then pour unstrained into Snifter.
Add crushed ice and enjoy.

_____________________________________________ (Black Magic Recipe Two)

Jeff Westlake's Black Magic Cocktail:
3/4 oz Fresh lime juice
3/4 oz Orange juice
3/4 Grapefruit juice
3/4 oz honey
1/4 oz Don's #7
1.5 oz White Rum
1.5 Kohala Rum
1.5 Dark Rum
3 dash bitters
3 dash pimento syrup?

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A great tiki cocktail drink called the Black Magic, made popular at the tiki temple Mai-Kai.