Monday, October 17, 2011

Tiki drink recipes: The "Tropical Rainbow Splash" cocktail drink recipe.

New school tiki drink recipes: How to make the "Tropical Rainbow Splash" cocktail drink recipe.

This drink is a house cocktail at the Tumon Bay Lobster and Grill. It was invented buy the bartenders and managers.  The drinks taste is of green apple and subtle notes of pineapple.  This is a exotic tropical cocktail drink that does not use rum, but other exotic ingredients like Apfelkorn, Blue Curacao and Arrow Sloe Gin.

The drink is visually stunning with a green bottom and a red color floating on top. Another aspect of this tiki cocktail is that it uses a unusual main ingredient, Apfelkorn.  Apfelkorn is a sweet apple liqueur from Germany.

Tropical Rainbow Splash Recipe:

1 oz Apfelkorn

1oz Blue Curacao

1 oz Arrow Sloe Gin Berry Liqueur

2 oz of pineapple juice

Mixing Instructions:
In a clear cocktail glass pour in the Apfelkorn.
Fill the glass with ice.
Add the pineapple juice.
Next, add the Blue Curacao.
Now float the Sloe Gin over the back a spoon.
Garnish the tropical cocktail with a orange slice, cherry, and umbrella.

Apfelkorn Liqueur
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A new school tiki cocktail drink called the Tropical Rainbow. This drink uses Apfelkorn and Sloe Gin as a base. A nice layered cocktail with tastes of apples and pineapples. Tiki drink recipes. Also a nice Blue Curacao recipe.