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Tiki Drinks: The "Scorpion Bowl" recipe, a tiki bar classic cocktail.

Tiki cocktail drinks: Learn to make the Scorpion Bowl Recipe with instructions.

A True Classic Tiki Cocktail. One of the most popular bowl drink to share with friends at the tiki bar.

A classic drink with all the tiki style, it's bright, tropical and flaming.

The Scorpion Bowl is a great Tiki drink, super fun for a group or a couple. A very large 48 oz cocktail.
Straws of course are a must. In the past it was served mainly in Chinese restaurants and tiki bars. It is made up of tropical juices, brandy, rum and tropical flowers. Sometimes Gin is added to up the proof. Sometimes the scorpin bowl is served as a "Volcano Bowl" where the center of the bowl has a mini volcano like structure in which is placed a high proof alcohol and set ablaze, truly a cool site to behold. 


Another classic Trader Vic recipe.
The scorpion bowl recipe dates back to 1946.
The drink beecame very popular again in the 1960's.

"Scorpion Bowl" Cocktail.
Scorpion Bowl Recipe
• 1 oz. dark rum
• 1 oz. gold rum
• 1 oz. 151 Proof rum
• 2 oz. Gin
• 2 oz. Vodka
• 4 oz. Orange juice
• 4 oz. Pineapple juice
• 4 oz. Grenadine
Serves 6-8

Classic Trader Vic Scorpion Bowl Recipe
• 6 oz. Dark rum
• 1 oz. Brandy
• 2 oz. Orgeat or Almond Syrup
• 6 oz. Orange Juice
• 4 oz. Lemon Juice
• 1 oz. Gin (optional)
• Shaved Ice

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Tiki drinks presents the Scorpion Bowl drink recipe. A tropical drink served in a cool tiki bowl. Learn how to make this classic tiki cocktail. This drink is also called a volcano bowl. A great bowl drink to enjoy with friends at the tiki lounge or tiki party.