Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tiki spirits: CHERRY HEERING, The Original Cherry Brandy.

Tiki Spirits: A closer look at Cherry Heering, a cherry brandy liquer.
Used in quite a few tiki and tropical cocktails, so a closer look is in order.

Of Danish origin, born in Denmark in 1818.
Invented by Peter Heering.
The recipe for Cherry Heering Brandy is a closely guarded family secret,
handed down for generations. It is thought to be the original
cherry brandy. They use a certain variety of cherry known as
the dark stevens cherry, that grows in certain parts of Denmark.

Sometimes it is simply called "Heering".
It is aged for 3-5 years before being bottled.
It has a black cherry flavor, that is not too sweet.
Herbal undertones are also present.
It has a darker red color.
It has a smooth full flavor.

Tiki Recipes that use Cherry Herring:
The Singapore Sling. (Link to recipe)
Blood and Sand. (Link to recipe)

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